•       Following the guidelines stipulated in the Twelfth Five-year Plan of Pingyao Foundry Industrial Park, our objective is to build the Industrial Park into a base for collaborative manufacturing of mechanical parts and accessories. Our ultimate goal is to spearhead the growth of the local casting industry and eventually upgrade Pingyao county into a national center for equipment manufacturing.

          With a total investment of 1.639 billion CNY (Chinese Yuan, approximately US$ 267 million) covering an area of 500 acres, SHMC plans to build 2X25/h cast iron melting furnaces. This will be followed by a casting production line with an annual output of 300,000 tons and the relevant warehouse storage, logistics, and other auxiliary services.

          Responding to the government’s decision to ban cupola furnace by the end of 2015, which may cause raw material supply issues, SHMC adopts a short process casting technique to fully utilize the heat of molten iron so as to drastically reduce energy consumption and cut cost. The molten iron produced by the two furnaces will not only meet the demand of foundry enterprises inside of the industrial park, but can also supply 300 -thousand tons of surplus annually for those outside.

          By 2017, the production capacity of Feng Yan casting agglomeration will reach 600,000 tons. Meanwhile, a cohort of related equipment manufacturing enterprises and auxiliary services will settle in the industrial park and maximize resource integration and sharing. A complete industrial chain will be formed: molten-- iron-casting--machinofacture--whole set. Our goal is to become the largest casting and equipment manufacturing base in China within 3 to 5 years. We target an annual sales revenue of 10 billion CNY (US$ 1.6 billion).